PledgeJar is a simple app that lets users donate to the nonprofit of their choice while  shopping locally in Austin. Users can donate in-the-moment, while gaining transparency into the impact of their donation.

Accessible Housing Austin

Accessible Housing Austin's website (AHA!) needed a redesign that addressed the donation call to action, and that also addresses the pain points visitors had which kept them from donating.

Automotive Infotainment

This is a passion project of mine.  Overtime, I plan to create and iterate a component driven design system for automotive infotainment UI  across various screen sizes.


BilliUs aims to centralize bill paying into one app and unburden accountability in multiparty billing by:

Holding all parties accountable with bill sharing

Removing the possibility of missed payments means you can focus on growing your credit score

Takes pressure off of roommates having to discuss bills

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

The current navigation state of the U.S. NRC website does not prioritize the most important categories or tasks that users need to perform

U.S.NRC website was redesigned to encompass proper UI elements, patterns, and design practices so that the user may easier accomplish their tasks and browse the most pertinent information on the site.

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